Crazy Doberman - S/T MRLP37

Crazy Doberman - S/T MRLP37

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Crazy Doberman – S/T MRLP37

Crazy Doberman first explored the hell within us back in 2017, and since then haven’t stopped expanding their tales of hell, industrial futurism, psychedelic (de)llusion, and ethereal zones. Their new album flies, jumps, and floats between the influence of BYG era experimental jazz, avant garde, musique concrète, kraut, psych, and industrial.  Some would call their sound psycho jazz but tearing down all the labels might give you a better definition.


Futurism violently replaced traditional forms of art by the speed, violence, and mechanics of modern technology. But Crazy Doberman is not just Futurism. They violently explore tradition and subvert modernity, in a psychic mind-controlling game with the listener.


Crazy Doberman's new album from Mastermind Records will take you to the core of an industrial jungle inhabited by heavy machinery and ethereal creatures, sometimes at war, other times lounging by a dirty river, but most of the time simply looking for your guts. Imagine a cursed amusement park, bumper carts from hell and giant wheels spinning in the air while they lose screws and land a millimeter away from you. The carnival ghosts whisper in your ear and reality is gone as throbbing moans are coming from the inside of the hall of mirrors.


Drew Davis, Tim Gick. Jason Filer, John Olson, John Dawson, Zeno Ben-Amotz, Paul Baldwin, Jordan Allen, Landon Caldwell, Mark Tester

Written/Performed by Crazy Doberman 

Recorded at A Space by John Dawson

Edited/Mixed7Mastered by T.G.

Out on LP and Streaming on April the 5th 2019