Birds In Flight - Get Real Big MRLP35

Birds In Flight - Get Real Big MRLP35

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A few of the members from the terrific hardcore band Love Potion, move in a completely different direction here. My initial thought was Teenage Fanclub in their Bandwagonesq era (which, as you know, was record of the year in 91), which makes an old fannies-fanboy like me go all mushy. Crisp guitarwork in the style of Neil, vocal harmonies that sit right where they're supposed to, pop-hooks that should appeal to anyone who likes Chilton. Like the fannies, who didn't give a flying fuck about what was going on in their time, Birds in Flight don't give a fuck about what's going on at the moment. They just play rock music like the singing of the angels themselves. I'm a fan!

Jan Damage – Mod Strømmen

Recorded and mixed by Morten Bjerggaard
Mastered by Jacob Bredahl
Cover by Peter Larsen

Limited 300 copies