DD Owen ‎– Plane EP 7"

DD Owen ‎– Plane EP 7"

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This is what Vice said but you just need to know it fucking rules
"Drew Owen is a young and prolific punk from Baltimore who over the last few years has churned out an amazing number of records under names Sick Thoughts, Gluebags, Chicken Chain, Deformities, and DD Owen.

This time, he’s learned some valuable lessons—such as not to trust crust punks or people in denim vests, and that he’s not actually a fan of Baltimore. “I Hate This City,” a track from his forthcoming Plane EP, is a kiss off to Charm City as he readies to move to New Orleans to get away from what he says is the city’s “boredom and monotony and scene politics.”

“Everybody says my attitude sucks but everyone is a stupid fuck”, he sneers with tongue planted somewhere near his cheek, over buzzing and hopped up punk rock.

Released on Swedish label Ken Rock