Fright Eye - 4

Fright Eye - 4

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The new 7" by Aarhus garage punk stalwarts Fright Eye.
Released on march 24.

Through phenomenal 4 cuts oozing sleaze and depravity they once again prove that they're more or less the best garage punk currently active in Denmark. From the frantic paranoid vibes of opener "Awake And Aware", to the misanthropic shout-a-long "World Of Hate (Sea Of Shit), or the drunken delirium of "Breakfast", there's something for the whole family!
Fright Eye are not out to make friends, but the songs will stick to you like day-old armpit sweat. Get a copy while you can.

The production, a perfect blend of scuzz and crisp clarity, was masterfully handled by local legend, Morten Bjerggaard (Cola Freaks). Artwork by Tylor (front) and DD Owen aka. Mr. Sick Thoughts (back)

Fright Eye are:
Casper Skou - bass, vocals
Nicklas Ellebye Andersen - guitar, vocals
Lars Madsen - drums