Guldsjakal - S/T MRLP42

Guldsjakal - S/T MRLP42

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Guldsjakal - S/T LP (MRLP42)

Guldsjakal is your sweet and filthy rock tunes, suitable for fist fights, driving fast and making love.

This five piece rock outfit will steal your girl, bang her mother and punch her father in the face! Musically they’re lurking around the corners of the Detroit rock n’ roll scene back in the early 70’s but with a touch of San Francisco rock punk from the late 70’s and early 80’s. However, sonically the band is firmly rooted in a Scandinavian clear and raw sound.

Guldsjakal means golden jackal and like their spirit animal they’re a bunch of elegant and invasive fuckers - not to be trusted.

Guldsjakal loves to hate you. So fuck you, dick!"

Limited 150 copies