Oxx - Night And The City

Oxx - Night And The City

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“Listening to Oxx is a physical experience”


Endless permutations of time and tempo converge with drones and loops, only to dissolve into pure noise and primal screams. Monoliths slowly break the surface and massive structures emerge from chaos. Channeling noise-rock, mathcore, sludge and drone Oxx transcends the rational to make way for pure id.  

Oxx was born in a junction of metal, modern composition and improvised music. All three members had previously been active on the Danish metal and avant-garde scene concomitantly, and Oxx was formed as an attempt to bridge the gap between these seemingly disparate genres. Since then the band have run the gamut from math-core through noise and drone, finally arriving at the complex and multi-facetted sound they have today.

On their first record “S/T” Oxx joined forces with revered metal producer Steve Evetts, known for his work with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and a multitude of others. S/T represents Oxx at their most disciplined: tight composition and unflinching adherence to complexity and dissonance blur the lines between chaos and order, pitch and white noise. One critic summed up the record thus:

“ Oxx puts the listener on a serious test, but if one dares surrender to the sonic maelstrom the experience will be therapeutically healing.”

Thomas Bjørnsted – Jyllands Posten

Since S/T Oxx have added radically different elements to their sound. Repetition drones and free-soundscapes constitutes an incrementally growing share of the band’s sound. Vocals give the sound a human, albeit thoroughly uncivilized, focal point. Oxx’ latest record, Bury The Ones We Love And Burn The Rest, was recorded partly during a series of concerts with Italian avant-metal pioneers Zu, and partly in the studio, and produced by Klaus “Q” Hedegaard(Malpractice, Marybell Catastrophy, Tiger Tunes, Fossils). Though the sound of BTOWLABTR shares a consanguinity with metal it rejects the confines of style and genre instead opting for heterogeneous and dissonant combinations of instruments and expressions. Saxophone and synthesizers contribute on equal terms with guitars and feedback, as incessantly aggressive drumming and howling battle for prominence. As is wont for Oxx BTOWLABTR will initially be released by the band themselves, later followed by a vinyl release on Mastermind Records.

Throughout its existence Oxx have played a multitude of concerts as a standalone act and alongside likeminded bands such as: Zu(it), Svin(dk) and Fossils(dk).

Through strict adherence to a punk-rock ethos Oxx have performed at any and all venues that have ever dared to invite them. Including make-shift venues such as art-schools, community centers and dive bars, but also more conventionally prominent venues such as: Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Radar, Atlas, Musikhuset Aarhus, KB18 and 1000fryd.